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by Stillife

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Relief 04:10
The road on which I stand Unnoticed and silent I watch the clouds gathering The wind blows into my face Mixing tears with water And I think that it’s better that way I leave the house at dawn My heart is empty and aching Indifferent and free I walk among the rays of waking sun I touch your hand And when you watch me leaving I smile for the first time Eyes full of hope and Filled with despair (I try to) relieve the pain For which I didn’t care All strings torn and burnt All songs dull and sung And I think that it’s better that way Schritte im Regen Atem statt der Worte Der letzte Blick durch das schmutzige Fenster Es ist meine Poesie des Abschieds Die mich grausam, ruhig und so schön macht Erleichterung für beide Und kein Tod Poesie für beide Und kein Tod
Hideaway 03:52
Here you are welcome, To breathe out all the worst And dissipate recollecting All those you’ve lost Words becoming excessive Mix with the heartbeat Fragrances won't let you forget Images won't let you sleep Daydreams bring autumn wind That echoes their voices They lead you here again Lulling strange noises But sleep tight No nightmares on the way When you press against your chest The loved one who’s come to stay
Destiny 04:34
Turn away, there's no escape You cannot hide from yourself forever Look around, but don't be afraid This is the face you recall In your dream ...'cause I'm your destiny Don't forget, please don't forget All those days we spent together Far away, over the clouds I'm lost in the abyss of time Since you're gone ...'cause you're my destiny
I will follow you To the edge of the world Where the sun always shines And flowers unfold Just lend me your heart And show me your smile We will shed no more tears There will be no more cry Whatever you do Wherever you go I'm living for you You are not alone Wherever you go Whatever you do You are not alone I'm living for you I will give to you All I have in my life Just to make you forget And keep you alive When the stars lead the way Our journey will start Always staying together Never falling apart
All love is lost The feelings we once had Are dead and almost rotten As we have failed. The promise never kept And memories long forgotten So many worthless words And weary sleepless nights As we surrender to the past So many empty thoughts About the wasted times All love is lost And we have turned to dust Eternity awaits… Eternity... Eternity...
Don’t let the pain dissolve your heart Like lines which never mean to cross Our lives will always be apart We’d never know about the loss Some wicked and resourceful hand Will always put you off my way No ache to feel, no wounds to mend No love, no passion to repay Don't lose your faith And keep my guiding light I know we'll meet one day Yet we are still alive Upon the look in empty sky The star you see is always mine It’s you I’ll never tell a lie It’s me you’ll never drop a line And when our minutes cease to be Days swept like withered autumn leaves Soft darkness falls on you and me With pleasure that it always gives
Crawling in the night He craves some privacy Greeting the dawn We spill the last drop of youth They used to hunt eternal love And find ways to live again To rise again To feel again You have me Hold my hand as years go by You have me `till the clock strikes good-bye You have me To banish gloom and fears Still you have me As minutes turn into years Crying in their arms He craves loneliness Burning old poems Inhaling the scent of time Hiding from the light We invent ways to live again To rise again To love again
You caught a shooting star It burnt your hands Angels’ tears Turned into poison This velvet night It looks like it’s all over Places abandoned Friends lost But somehow you know You have more roads to tread But somehow you know Your mystery lies ahead Dreams rain down on you Lead you through the unknown To that distant corner To be the world of your own Surrounded by shadows of yesterday Jumping out of the blue Be it darkness or forest of fairies You try not to lose a child in you Verlorene Gesichte Stimmen aus der Vergangenheit Verlassen dich jetzt Du bist ganz allein Aber ein seltsames Gefühl führt dich in die Dunkelheit Vernichtet alles was war Zerstört Träume Erneuert Worte Es lauten die Geläute der anderen Dimension Die himmlische Musik füllt die Luft Und öffnet dich Und alles wird Märchen Dein Märchen
Smell the rain Of the awakening day Thunder of dreams Is roaring only for us Delirious and weak Bathing in the moonlight We step into the mirrorland While stars are raining down We are the ones who dare To grasp the invisible To catch what no one Has ever wished to believe We share this illusion This lifelong instant To reach the ones On the other side The same old vision As many nights before The sky of 1997 That you won’t see anymore Trapped in a kaleidoscope Of glances, voices and scenes Of vanished landscapes And broken time machines
Ever After 03:43
The story unsung And words unspoken All memories gone A couple long broken With distances growing We have nothing to say And still I cannot believe in The game that you played But only when I close my eyes I can see it clear When true love was real And we had no fear In this raining December We were so alive And I still remember Your beautiful smile
В твоих шелках запутался рассвет, Над бархатом моим цветут зарницы, Бродили мы с тобой вчера в лесу, иль нет? И вспоминали древние страницы... Над нами проплывали облака, Луна сквозь них таинственно светила, Моей руки касалася твоя рука, И что-то ей безмолвно говорила... И свежестью дышала тишина, И ласковым туманом обнимала, И чистая пречистая плыла Луна, И нас, благословляя, целовала. В твоих шелках запутался рассвет, Над бархатом моим цветут зарницы, Гуляли мы с тобой вчера в лесу, иль нет? И вспоминали древние страницы...
Прах 02:50
Ничто не длится вечно Приходит пора умирать Люди – туманные розы Мне некому доверять Дружба, Прелесть, Жизнь, Лето Клятва, Цветок, Цель Сон, Мечта, Сердце, Слезы Любовь, Слово, Огонь Мои чувства угаснут Души растают На небе взойдет луна И мир утонет в грехах И снова в людских сердцах Погибнут надежды Снова в людских сердцах Останется прах
Цветы завяли, их лепестки опали Цвета поблекли, стали сном И голос твой холодный, странный Такой же, как погода за окном Туманные огни В твоих глазах – капли дождя Улицы одни Обратно ведут меня Проходят прочь, уходят в ночь Те дни, что буду вечно помнить Уходит боль, но он со мной Всегда... дождливый декабрь И этот день надежд привычных Стал часом жизнь нам изменившим Все что я ждал, чего хотел я Уходит в ночь... тихо, бесследно И на мои вопросы Никто не даст ответ Что значит жизнь, когда в ней нет любви и света? Что значит жизнь, когда тебя в ней нет?


With the release of "Destiny" the band continues to develop its unique sound that combines relaxed, lush, well-arranged electronic music, with a half-spoken male vocal. It's like musical poetry that fits your darkwave or even neoclassical moods, while still throwing in some synthpop beats and hooks.


released February 4, 2008

All songs were written and recorded during the period of 2004-2007 at Stillife Studios and A&J Records, Rostov-on-Don, Russia.

This album was mixed and mastered by Ralf Jesek in August-November 2007 at M'Attic, Karlsruhe, Germany.

Artwork, photos and design by Konstantin “Bonez” Viktorov. www.cradleofart.ru
Band photos by Omar Aliev and Mikhail Sokolov.


all rights reserved



Stillife Russian Federation

Life frozen in an instant, or just a life-long instant...

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